for Pölkky-hiihto 17.4.2022

Redgistration fee
Act now and take advantage of the early enrollment!

  • 40€ (Elite)
  • 20 € (8-14 years old)
  • 30€ (16 years old)


Registration fees are requested to be paid to the Taivalkoski Metsä-Veikot 85 ry account
Taivalkoski OP FI55 5455 0720 0574 12. When registering, enter in the reference field: PÖLKKY-HIIHTO 2022.

* I agree to follow the rules of competition, play fair play and not to waste wildlife. Please notice registration is valid once paid.

Organizer recommends insurance to competitor as organizer is not responsible for any personal injuries, damages or lost equipment during ski week. Name and team of cross country skier will be published on Ski Visma Classics Challengers website and on result lists.

Cancellations: registration fee can be returned against certificate made by medical doctor some weeks post event.

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